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Drone Aerial Photography & Video

Welcome to Critical Eye Photo's drone photography page. Drones have become an increasingly important tool in the professional photographer's kit. They allow us to place the camera practically anywhere in the space surrounding the subject, which helps reveal totally new perspectives of otherwise everyday scenes. Today's most modern photo drones, as we use, allow us to shoot full 4K video at up to 60 frames per second, and they render incredibly high quality still images, suitable for any commercial use. Think of a drone as a flying camera, even a flying robotic camera! They can be programmed to fly a exact route and perform tasks, such as shooting stills or video at specified points along the way.

Critical Eye's drone pilot, Doug Von Gausig, is an FAA-certified "SUAS" (Small Unmanned Aerial System) pilot. This is important, as commercial video and photography using drones now requires this special license. The SUAS certification is gained only after comprehensive training and testing in the regulations, safety, and legal aspects of small drones. Doug is also the Executive Director of the Verde River Institute, and he is very familiar with the use of drones for environmental documentation and monitoring. As Mayor of Clarkdale, Arizona, he has also used drones to photograph important land use projects and special events.  He is proficient at programming autonomous flights, which allows him to fly the same route time and again, taking the same video and/or stills at the same spots. This is important for monitoring projects where a timeline for the projects is important.

Email us at: doug@criticaleyephoto.com to learn more or to explore your particular need with Doug. 

To see a sample rate sheet, visit: http://www.naturesongs.com/CriticalEyePhoto/Critical%20Eye%20Rates1.pdf  Please note that this is a sample rate sheet, but many projects are "one-offs", and require discussion with us before a rate that suits your purposes can be set.

See some samples of our aerial video and still photography below:  

Hastings on Hudson, New York, 12/16

A Winter Flood on the Verde River

Verde River Runoff, 2016

A Winter Flood on The Verde

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